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"Delamare and Ice recently presented the book, a lush collection of sepia-toned paintings, at Powell's City of Books. The book tells the tale of the fictional Alphonse Zukor, an eccentric who shocked Euopean society when he staged an underground, illegal cabaret featuring nude women and animals. Each page, or 'show card,' represents a letter of the alphabet and is an invitation to enter Delamare's shadowy world. The story, written convincingly as historical fact, left many listeners at the reading whether Zukor was fact or fiction."
--Michaela Bancud for The Portland Tribune, August 2002.

"I had the privilege of seeing the original art to many of the plates while David was working on them. The gorgeous girls here are often based on his lovely friend and model., each interwoven with circus animals and the alphabet to create a unique and extraordinary fantasy world. I'm excited to see this and personally recommend it highly." --Bud Plant for Bud Plant Comic Art, Winter 2001-2002.

(1996 Oregon Book Awards Finalist)
"Rich reds, golds and browns seep from the pages as Winston Smith (a sheep, plans his trip to discover why the moonlight has gone missing. Scenes of the flight (with Sebastian, a lion), the passing stars, the landing on the recalcitrant moon and the success of the journey are funny, vivid and so sharp that the hot-air balloon could almost float off the page."
--Independent on Sunday, November 1995.

"A magical story by fantasy artist David Delamare, with beautifully written verse and enchanting illustrations for children of all ages. David Delamare's paintings are full of character and humour and his animals exhibit a skillful blend of human and animal characteristics that bring this delightful poem to life."
--Parents News, London, October 1995.

"Written in verse and illustrated with enchanting paintings...a beautifully produced book."
--Books Magazine, November 1995.

"Full page pictures packed with detail that a small child can weave magic about...precisely the sort of children's storybook that adults will delight in sharing with their children..."
--Icarus, Journal of the Literature Special Interest Group of British Mensa, Spring 1996.

"One of the most seductive volumes of fantasy art of recent times...The beauty of the mermaid and its more sinister cousin, the siren, has fired the imagination of many artists down the years but few have captured the magic of the mythical beings as effectively as Delamare. His flawless technique is combined with an originality for thought and richness of imagination that makes for some of the most hauntingly beautiful illustrations to be found within the realms of fantasy art."
--Rhyl Prestotyn & Abergele Journal, U.K.

"Lyrical, lavish portraits of sea maids and other anthropomorphs. With a witty and informative text by Nigel Suckling. Gorgeous."
--Locus: Science Fiction & Related Books, March 1994.

"The often beautiful simplicity of [Delamare's] mermaids and the ethereal complexity of his fantasy artwork make this a book that won't rest on a shelf for long..."
--Comic World, May 1994.

"David Delamare's Cinderella is nothing short of gorgeous: a fine retelling of the traditional tale which receives its unique embellishment from the exceptionally strong color illustrations. This more complex version tells what happens when Cinderella's mother dies and her father re-marries."
--Children's Bookwatch, January 1994.

"There are numerous versions of this fairy tale, from Perrault to Disney's animated film, yet Delamare's adaptation stands on its own...Luxurious, detailed paintings capture perfectly the feelings of the story."
--Elliot Bay Book Notes, Fall 1993.

"Renaissance details decorate every page in this more mature version of the classic tale, set flawlessly along the canals of Venice...The omnipresent pumpkin is produced on a magnificent gondola and the fairy godmother is a winged creature of gossamer and glitter. A magical version."
--South Florida Parenting, December 1993.

"The most impressively illustrated of these [Christmas] picture books is David Delamare's unusual The Christmas Secret. An amber-eyed lion, impoverished after leaving the navy, buys materials to make toys for children because he fears the storm on Christmas Eve will stop Santa from making his rounds. After delivering the toys, the lion finds himself at the North Pole with Santa who offers him a job making toys and navigating through the skies on Christmas Eve. The rich, golden pictures have a touch of Nicola Bayley, and a haunting quality."
--The Washington Post, December 1, 1991.

"Delamare's handsomely wrought pictures are full of nuance and interesting perspectives. His animal characters seem more real than many human ones. A lovely holiday book with images that linger."
--Booklist, November 1, 1991.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. Kudos to Mr. Delamare for his heartwarming story and exquisite illustrations."
--Bergen County Kids, Nov. 22-Dec. 12, 1993.





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