Fit The Slipper!

An original illustration from the book:
Painted by David Delamare

"Let me try it, let me try it!" cried Zenobia, sticking out her leg."
"But, madam," said the page, staring at her potato foot and then at the tiny slipper.
"Fit the slipper!" demanded Zenobia.

Medium: acrylic
Size: 12.5"x16"
Price: $2000

Price includes insured UPS Ground shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping maybe be expedited for an additional fee.

This scan was made from the book, not the painting. The actual illustration is signed and dated by the artist. This painting was originally created on artist's board (a heavy board with an archival paper surface.) When the paintings were dry, the artist removed the paper from the board for scanning by the book publisher. As a result, the back has an uneven surface. This does not detract from the appearance or value of the painting. It does help authenticate the fact that this piece was used in a book. Similar Delamare illustrations have been purchased and displayed by museums.

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