Framing Consultation

Love the art but aren't sure how to frame it? Let Wendy help. She began her design career in a framing gallery and would be happy to assist you with specifying frames and mats. She will gladly offer free general advice for working with your framer, or frame the art in Portland, Oregon then ship it to you. (If she frames it for you, her trade discounts will cover the cost of her time. You would pay normal retail costs plus box, insurance, and shipping.)

Lighting Assistance

Whether you need general lighting for artwork or need fixtures for your vintage home, Wendy can assist. She has trade relationships with a number of excellent vintage-inspired and historical reproduction lighting manufacturers.

Finish Details & Decorating Advice

Interior decoration can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it's not always necessary (or affordable) to hire someone to design your entire interior. If you're stuck choosing between two paint or stain colors, can't find the right bathroom tile, or have driven your spouse crazy with requests for a second opinion, Wendy may be able to help you out. (Until 2014 she is available only for smaller projects as she is currently decorating a large 1910 home that was gutted by smoke damage.) If you're curious about her current work, watch for her upcoming (2014) website in which she will show before and after photos and offer a selection of products from the wonderful vendors she has discovered while decorating.

Please note that Wendy is most comfortable specifying lighting and decor for homes that date from 1880 to 1940. To request a free, no obligation, initial consultation to determine whether her services are a good fit for your project, please email her at


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